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Computerized Prop Reconditioning

Proper Pitch is now set up with the Hale MRI propeller analyzer. This is the only machine of its type to be used and endorsed by Michigan Wheel. This means that any propeller turned out by Michigan Wheel in "S" class or class "1," we will have the specifications in the computer software to duplicate the factory finish. This will only be possible for those with the MRI computers!

The manner in which the device operates is to examine the precise location of a vast number of data points in three dimensions along a number of given radii. These data points are stored in the database portion of the Hale MRI software.

Due to this manner of data collection the Hale MRI becomes a more powerful tool. By storing the locations of thousands of discrete data points as raw data we can choose to analyze the propeller in a great variety of formats including graphic imaging of the blade profile.

Example Printout Explanations

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This is what the customer will get with the finished propeller. This shows all the stored data, the pitch average at different radii of the blades and the average pitch of each blade. The blue bars show the average pitch of each blade and fall in the "pass area" for a class "I" propeller.

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This shows the pitch ranges for each blade, color coded for high or low or as in this one green for acceptable class II propeller

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This shows the actual pitch of the blade at different radii and locations on each blade, also color coded: red for high pitch blue for low and black for acceptable. At this point of repair you can see there were still some adjustments to be made.

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This shows the pitch of blade 3 at 70% radius. As both colored bars fall in the lined areas, this is a good blade.

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This shows what class the propeller will pass at this stage of repair. For local pitch, mean radius and mean pitch for each blade the prop is good for a class II. For mean pitch of the propeller, angular deviation (blade spacing) and axial position (track) the prop passes for "S" class. At the bottom it gives the lengths of each blade at each measured radius.

There are several more inspection pages, but you can see how much information is accessible with this software.

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