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New Propellers

These propellers are made to order at present time, as with all our new or used propellers we scan them with our MRI computer pitch gauge and will make sure all propellers are the pitch they are supposed to be.

new boat propellers

Here are a few examples of delivered propellers:

  • 29 X 30 X 4 blade nibral
  • 31 X 33 X 5 blade nibral
  • 26 X 28 X 4 blade nibral
  • 28 X 38 X 5 blade nibral

There are no fixed prices due to the fluctuating material cost, shipping and import duties. You must call to get a firm quote that will be good for 10 days.

Orders are placed on the first of each month and the 15 of each month, for individual orders there will be extra charges for shipping to our facility. If we have more than 3 props ordered, all prices will include shipping, import duties to our facility at present time, all freight to the customer's destination will be the customer's responsibility.

Call 1-800-238-1462 or email for pricing and more information.

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